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Agasthya Siddha Vaidya & Ayurvedic Health Center

Agasthya Siddha Vaidya & Ayurvedic Health Center utilizes the ancient therapies of Purva Karma, Pancha Karma, and Kriya Karma also called Kaya Kalpa for health and beauty. Holistic treatments that supports the vital healing force within each individual.

Located in Austin Texas, our goal is creating health and wellness in our lives and others, through education about diet & lifestyle, and natural practices of time tested therapies, to create a joyous and full life. Take a browse through our web site, or purchase products call 512-586-4871 Hopefully we can provide important information too. Come swim with us in Lake Travis,  or paddle with us at Austin Outrigger Canoe Club.


Siddha Vaidya defines health as a complete presence of physical, emotional, spiritual, and social balance. It aims to reach the perfect balance that lies within each one of us, regardless of our present age or state of health.

Siddha Vaidya advises each individual on the correct way of living, eating, meditating, exercise, and the use of massage and body therapies for well being. Following these guidelines, along with Rejuvenation therapies of Kriya Karma and purification therapies of Pancha Karma, one is able to create and maintain a healthy, strong body.

Siddha Vaidya treatments promote longevity, activate the body's repair mechanism, and combat the aging process.

Check out the services we offer, such as Shirodhara, Abhyanga massage, Body wraps and scrubs that cleanse the lymph, and hot oil and herbal treatments that promote elastin production, reducing wrinkles, adding luster and beauty to the skin.

NUTRITIONAL CONSULTATION to determine proper diet, meditation exercise and body therapies appropriate for you prakruti(Individual constitution).
BODY THERAPIES for beauty and health that promote functional longevity for your temple of God.
SHIRODHARA a warm herbal oil treatment for the head and scalp that calms and nourishes the brain and mental functioning.
RASAYANA THERAPIES strengthen and rebuild the body after gently cleansing the tissue with the herbal extracts.

We offer training in the therapies at your place of buisiness or individually, and at a massage school to be named in the Austin area. Classes are in the spring and fall at the school, call for times and costs.

Learn more about creating health in your life with the following guidlines for "Helping Digestion" and "Healthy Living". E mail me and I will send free of charge>
Training for Proffessionals in the therapies available for Spas and individuals. Group rates and workshops in Austin area, contact us for more information. Thanks ya'll

Come play and stay around the hill country of Austin. This is one of the secrets to longevity. Enjoy the beauty and experiences that a full and balance life can bring, including time to rejuvenat and regenerate the energies needed for our fast paced world. Come let us pamper you and help you bring health and happiness into your life.

James Bishop Agasthya Siddha Vaidya & Ashoka Herbals
215 A Stowaway Cove  Austin,TX 78734  512-586-4871 
E-mail: jamzbishop@yahoo.com
Web sites: www.ashokaherbals.8m.com

Contact us for retreats

AYURVEDA "the science of life" is a holistic system of life and treats man as a complex whole including the internal and external environment.

Ayurveda believes five basic elements manifest in the human body as three basic principles known as doshas. The Tri-doshas governcreation, maintenance, and destruction of bodily tissues as well as the assimilation and elimination. Understanding each persons Tri-dosha, diet, and medicinal herbs are among the chief methods Ayurveda employs for the maintenance and restoration of health.

In Ayurveda the whole life's journey is considered sacred.
Dr. Vasant Lad

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